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Joined: 02/05/2007 14:10:43
Messages: 2


cool webpage, impressive mobile client and last but not least a great idea. I would like to suggest a couple of ideas:

* Generate lists of most played templates.
* Remove templates that nobody plays automatically. And finally very imporant:
* Allow at least in the beta phase permit the creation of templates to all users because this should generate the critical mass of templates (and users ) needed for challenging gameplay.

Btw: I currently have an UMTS contract with 250MB free traffic - I would appriciate to automatically get the maps onto my mobile. Traffic is no issue anymore

Does anybode have other ideas to improve Tourality????

Looking forward to great Touralities in Salzburg!


Joined: 27/04/2007 21:03:25
Messages: 2

Ray, you're right. I would also very much like to see the possibility to create game templates yourself. I mean as a "standard" user. I wonder if this feature is already planned to be implemented by the Tourality team?

250 MB - not bad. You can play A LOT of Tourality games with this amount of data From my experience I can tell that Tourality really doesn't need a lot of data tranfer. So you can even use a prepaid card...

Joined: 21/04/2007 20:29:53
Messages: 9

Hello guys!

We heard your voice and implemented new cool features:

*) Create Spots, Points of Interests and Game-Templates on your own in your Home-Area
*) Review Game-Templates of others in your Home-Area

-> you all find this at myTourality of the platform!

Let us know what you think about the new features, we hope you like it

suko / Tourality Team
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