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Singleplayer, Player vs. Player or Team vs. Team - The choice is yours!

You know best which way is the fastest and best between the spots? Then don’t prove it only to yourself (Singleplayer) but also to your opponents in a multiplayer game (Player vs. Player). Or show team spirit and compete against up to four other teams (Team vs. Team). Create a multiplayer game yourself or join a game that is currently ongoing in your surroundings!
It is up to you whether you play with your friends or get to know new people in your area as part of a multiplayer game

The 4 game modes

Tourality has four different game modes:

Spot RACE Race

Finish all laps faster than your competitors by reaching the Spots in the given order!

Spot CHASE Chase

All Spots are ‘active’ when the game starts. Reach more active Spots and dye them in your color before the others do so!

Spot RUSH Rush

Reach all Spots in the game faster than your competitors! The sequence of reaching is up to your strategy.

Spot ACT! Act!

At the beginning all Spots except one are ‘deactivated’. As the only active Spot is reached it gets deactivated, and an other Spot is activated randomly. Reach more ‘active’ Spots than anyone else!

Modus Singleplayer Player vs. Player Team vs. Team
Spot ACT!