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What is Tourality?

Tourality is a new type of game for your mobile phone that combines sporty outdoor activity with virtual gaming experience. In contrast to normal sport simulations, you will face the real challenge of reaching geographically defined spots in reality as fast as possible and before your opponents.

Your movement directly influences the gaming progress - because you are the game!

Equipped with a mobile phone and GPS (integrated in your mobile phone or as an external Bluetooth GPS receiver) your challenge is to reach spots before your opponents. A spot is a certain point on a virtual map that you have to reach in reality.

While you are on your way by foot, on eight rolls, two wheels, or even motorized, your real position is tracked by GPS and shown on the display. Tourality shows you the position of all participating players as well as the spots to reach on your mobile phone: you will know the spots still to reach and their location, as well as how you assert yourself compared to the other players.