Tourality seems like a computer game but it’s outdoor and mobile! That’s why there are some requirements concerning the hardware: You need a mobile phone that supports Java (MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1) and Bluetooth if applicable. To get the GPS data on your mobile phone you will further need a mobile phone with integrated GPS or an external Bluetooth GPS receiver.
During playing Tourality, you will need an internet connection (GPRS/UTMS connection) of your mobile network operator. The amount of data transferred for Tourality is generally low (see this FAQ entry).
Mobile phones which are compatible are listed here. We have also compiled a selection of compatible Bluetooth GPS receivers here.


How you get Tourality to your mobile phone is described at the Download section. Either you can install Tourality directly ‘over-the-air’ on your mobile phone or can you download the installation files to your computer to save the costs for the mobile download (about 1.4 MB).


Every player has a Tourality Account that can instantly be created at Signup - completely free of charge! With this Tourality Account it’s up to you to play Tourality whenever you want in one of the supported regions (seeWhere to Play). In addition, you can use all the base features of the platform with your account:

  • Create Spots, Points of Interest and Game-Templates on your own on basis of Google Maps
  • Review Game-Templates created by other users in order to activate them
  • Review your games played on basis of Google Maps
  • Personal Tourality Profile
  • Browse other Member Profiles
  • Browse Game-Templates
  • Your own Highscores
  • Tourality Forum Postings

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