Bluetooth GPS-Empfänger

To play Tourality you either need a GPS enabled mobile phone (and Location API, JSR 179) or an external Bluetooth GPS receiver that sends GPS DATA in the standardized NMEA 0183 format via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. Here you find a (non-exhaustive) list of compatible Bluetooth GPS receivers.
We recommend "Fortuna Bluetooth SLIM GPS SiRF III".

Fortuna Bluetooth SLIM GPS SiRF III

Haicom HI-406 BT Bluetooth GPS

Nokia Wireless GPS-Modul LD-3W

Leadtek BT9559X Bluetooth GPS

Holux GR-236 Bluetooth GPS

XGPS BT-929 Bluetooth GPS

Navilock BT-451

Nokia Bluetooth GPS-Modul LD-4W

B-Speech GPS 12C

B-Speech GPS 20C

Wayfinder Bluetooth GPS

Navigon BiCeiver

TomTom Bluetooth GPS

Blumax Bluetooth GPS

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