Tourality Demo Videos

Tourality in Action! This demo videos were recorded on the PC using the demo mode of Tourality. So the movement of the players is faked and some GPS data (velocity, altitude, etc.) is not available: Singleplayer Demovideo, Player vs. Player Demovideo, Team vs. Team Demovideo.

Tourality Demo - try it online easily!

Additionally you can try Tourality here for yourself and see what it looks like before you register or download it.

Important: Usage of the Emulator

  • By clicking on the button "Start Demo" you will start a MOBILE PHONE EMULATOR. That means you CAN'T click into the shown "display" with the mouse (you don't have a mouse pointer on your mobile too).
  • Use the emulator with the cursor keys, enter and F1 and F12 or alternatively click the buttons of the emulator under and right of the shown mobile phone "display".
  • You don't have to move during the demo ;) You can simulate your movement during the game with the digits 2 (forward), 4 (to the left), 6 (to the right), 8 (backward). You may change your orientation/direction with the digit 5 (you turn yourself; after turning your simulated movement with the digits 2, 4, 6 and 8 doesn't fit exactly any more - it's just a demo).


  • No registration needed! Just log in with the username "DEMO" (password doesn't matter).
  • You will be logged in with 1 out of 10 free demo users "demo0" to "demo9", so you will be the only one to be logged in as "demoX" at a time.
  • Your actual residence doesn't matter. The Emulator will simulate your current position at Vienna in Austria. There you can choose from already created Game-Templates.
  • TIP: Start more than one demo-emulators to simulate a multiplayer game!

Tourality - move your mobile ... because you're mobile!

Do you like Tourality so far? What are you waiting for then!? Signup for a free account, download the free outdoor multiplayer GPS game and try it in reality outdoors with your friends. However you have to move yourself then to get from A to B ;)

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