Sep 25, 2009 - What's going on...

...in the world of Tourality? Just because there were no news here recently doesn't mean that we're lazy! The opposite is the case: We're planning, designing, developing, talking to people, etc. We're constantly listening to your valuable feedback (visit our forum or drop us a line) and will come up with some really exciting new features in the next versions. Also we will support additional platforms like BlackBerry and Android.
Stay tuned.

Jan 30, 2009 - We are on UK TV tonight!

FiveFWD TV Show, Location Based GamesTourality will be featured in The Gadget Show on UK terrestrial channel Five this evening at 8pm. The show will then be available on their website www.five.tv/gadgetshow as well. See the teams rampaging round the streets of London playing our location-based game.

Here is what the producer of the show told to us after filming: "We had great fun with the game and the shoot went really well!". Well then we are really looking forward to seing the show!

Update: You can now WATCH THE VIDEO HERE! We really like it! :) Thanks to the whole team of The Gadget Show!

Jan 30, 2009 - Game server and web down

Yesterday from about 11 pm CET until late in the night our website as well as our game server was not available. We would like to apaologize but it was not in our hands but in those of our provider. Now everything should be up and running again - if there are any problems please send us a short note!

Oct 18, 2008 - Navigation World 2008

We are going to present Tourality at the Navigation World Conference Forum 2008. The conference is part of the SYSTEMS trade fair in Munich, Germany that takes place October 21st to 24th 2008. The winner of the special topic prize on GPS gaming of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2008 (Galileo Masters) will be announced there too.

When? October 21st 2008, 13:40
Where? Hall B1, SYSTEMS trade fair, Munich, Germany
Link? Navigation World conference programme, SYSTEMS

Aug 14, 2008 - Going Overseas

One of the first and probably the hottest location-based game for mobile phones is going overseas. Originating in Europe, Tourality constantly expands its supported regions - you can play it in North and South America from now on. If you are in the US or Brazil it's really easy to kick off a Tourality game in your area! Of course we will extend further so check back soon to Where to Play for other countries. If you cannot find your area in the list just leave us a short note at Forum / Places to Play.

May 14, 2008 - New Version 0.9.1

New version 0.9.1 available for download! Besides enhancements the new version contains an important bugfix for multiplayer games - please update. Also, to get a rough impression of what is displayed on your mobile during a Tourality game we created new demo videos - view the demos here.

As Game-Templates are the basis for Tourality games played outdoors we enhanced the web interface for Game-Template creation. For your convenience a default description for your Template is generated automatically if you wish :-)

Video Howto - creating Tourality Game-Templates (GPS tracks) in your surroundings is that fast and easy:

Apr 24, 2008 - Tourality 0.9 - it's all about location, location, location!

NEW - Tourality version 0.9 launched! Due to important improvements please install the new version on your mobile phone (mandatory update).

New and noteworthy:
1. New DEMO mode: try Tourality easily with the mobile phone emulator here on the website before you download and install it.
2. Due to UTM zone independence all cities can be supported from now on (e.q. London is situated between the UTM zones 30 and 31).
3. Support of different time zones in order to display correct local time on the mobile phone and here on tourality.com. Please set your local time zone at myAccount!
4. Popular areas are displayed at the top of Where to Play in Web 2.0 style. Click on an area to display all Game-Templates currently available in this area/city. The Tourality community lives on your input! Simply create Spots and Game-Templates yourself in your surroundings here on tourality.com!
5. Tourality is freeware. We included ads into our pages so we can present you additional external offers - hopefully they are relevant to you! Who knows, maybe this additional service will help us to cover some basic costs of financing and we are able to enhance Tourality and keep it free of charge ;)

Tip: try the new DEMO right away :)

Mar 10, 2008 - Europe is on the move!

Just in time for the upcoming Tourality season, these are new supported countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain. From now on you can move your mobile in all larger cities of 14 european countries. If you live in another city not listed under Where to play you can simply post a request in the forum. All of those from another country: check back regularly - we'll add new countries soon!

Now it's up to YOU to create tricky Spots and exciting Game-Templates (GPS tracks) here at tourality.com! These are the basis for playing exciting Tourality games outdoors and will be shared among the community. Tell your friends to become part of the community with this quick email invitation form.

Jan 1, 2008 - All the best for 2008!

The team of creative workline wants to wish you all the best for the new year! We will keep working with full commitment on making Tourality even more attractive to you but at the same time keeping it free of charge also in 2008.
We want to thank those that provided valuable feedback to us so far!

Keep moving!

Nov 11, 2007 - 1st rank at 'GEWINN-Jungunternehmer' competition

GEWINN-Jungunternehmer 2007creative workline, the team behind Tourality, comes of as the winner in the category "E-Business/IT" of this year's GEWINN-Jungunternehmer-Wettbewerb competition! The project Tourality could convince the jury of the most important Austrian competition for young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

In the picture you can see Dr. Martin Bartenstein, Austrian Minister of Economics and Labour, with Klemens of creative workline.

Link: GEWINN-Jungunternehmer-Wettbewerb 2007

Oct 28, 2007 - Additional EU countries supported (UK, NL, BE)

Again we have expanded the supported regions! Now you can play Tourality also in the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the main cities of these countries you can create Spots, Points of Interest and Game-Templates yourself after signing up right here at tourality.com - for free!

The Tourality GPS game as well as the portal tourality.com are currently available as multi-language versions in English and German.

Find a complete list of all supported regions/areas at Where to Play.

Oct 26, 2007 - Tourality 0.8 Beta Released

Tourality on a GPS enabled phoneThe most important new feature is the support of integrated GPS receivers. For the technology freaks among you: It uses JSR 179 (Location API). As from now you can play Tourality with a mobile phone that is equipped with an integrated GPS module - for example the Nokia N95 or E90. Hence you don't need a Bluetooth GPS receiver any more.

There are some additional improvements and we recommend to upgrade to the new version. We would be glad to receive your feedback about the current version in the forum or via the contact form!

Download Tourality 0.8 here

The portal tourality.com was updated as well. Among other things there is now a page for media downloads and a Shout!box in the forum where users that are not logged in can post too.

Oct 11, 2007 - Tourality's quality awarded by EUROPRIX

We are proud to announce that Tourality has been awarded the official "Top Talent Quality Seal" by the European Multimedia price EUROPRIX Top Talent Award 2007!

What EUROPRIX says about Tourality: "Your achievement is outstanding because 278 entries from 29 countries were evaluated by the jury team of the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award. Only 48 projects have been chosen to receive the quality seal. Your project was evaluated in two rounds by two different panels of jurors and with the award of the seal they wish to recommend your project to consumers and users. The Top Talent Quality Seal is proof that your project is highly innovative and creative."

Aug 26, 2007 - Spreading in Central Europe

We have expanded the supported areas. Currently we cover the big cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, ...), Austria (Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, ...) and Switzerland (Zurich, Berne, Basel, ...). In these areas you can create Spots, Points of Interest and Game-Templates yourself after registering at Tourality - for free! Based upon these Game-Templates you can then kick off Tourality games in your area.

Here you can see which countries, regions and areas are currently supported by Tourality.

You don't live in one of the supported areas but want to play Tourality as well? Then stick up for your city or your area by raising your voice in the forum. We are constantly working on the expansion of supported areas in Europe and are looking forward to receiving your proposals!

New at Tourality? Brief overview and quick guide

Aug 4, 2007 - Tourality.com becomes Web 2.0: New Tourality version 0.7 beta!

New under myTourality:

1. Create Spots, Points of Interest and Game-Templates on your own in your home area.
2. Review Game-Templates in your surroundings in order to activate them!

tourality.com ScreenshotWith these new features Tourality becomes Web 2.0 because from now on you define the content of Tourality yourself! Start creating Spots (= geographic targets) online that you must reach in reality with your mobile phone :)

Newly created Game-Templates become active and thus playable with the mobile phone as soon as they are accepted by five other users in your area (review). In addition you have the possibility to rate Game-Templates directly after playing. If you create cool Game-Templates in your town or area chances are that they become listed among the "Top Game-Templates" at myBase!

Sign up right now and invite your friends too - because only together you can enjoy Tourality to the fullest :-)

May 1, 2007 - Tourality - start moving your mobile!

BRAND NEW! Since 2007-05-01 there is a new kind of game for your mobile phone. The game is all about being on the move outdoors equipped with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and reaching spots ahead of your opponents in real-time.

Spots are geographically defined points that must be reached in reality by foot, on skates, on a bike, or by any other means of transportation. The spots are given but it’s your challenge to find the best way!

tourality.com ScreenshotCompetition?
Exactly! Now you can compete against other players in your surroundings based on Game Templates in Tourality - ‘Player vs. Player’ or ‘Team vs. Team’. You all are in the same area at the same time in the same game ;) The game is a mixture of virtuality and the reality of your movement; because only if you "move your mobile" you will advance in Tourality.

Game Templates?
You always play Tourality based on Game Templates. These are “game instructions” and a set of rules that define which spots have to be reached when. These Game Templates can be constricted by various criteria. In addition there are four different game modes: Spot RACE; Spot CHASE, Spot RUSH, and Spot ACT!.

That’s how to start into the Tourality season:
1. Check all information on the platform tourality.com.
2. Register your personal Tourality account under Signup – free of charge!
3. Download Tourality (currently in a beta phase) to your mobile phone.
4. Get out of your home with a mobile phone and a Bluetooth GPS receiver.
5. Create a new game or join a currently running game in supported areas in your surroundings.





StavropolRussian Federation
KumanovoMacedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
BitolaMacedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
SkopjeMacedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of


Valencia, "Juego de las 5 rosas"
5 Spots
Vienna, "Donaupark"
3 Spots
Chelmsford, "World Cup Rush"
8 Spots
Breda, "Julia Roberts"
5 Spots

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