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How to play

1. Get the Tourality app installed

If you want to play Tourality, you’ll need nothing more than a GPS-enabled phone and the Tourality app. A lot of today’s cell phones and smartphones already are equipped with the required GPS-signal. If you have the appropriate equipment, first of all you have to download the Tourality app and install it.

DOWNLOAD: Get Tourality here!

2. Create a profile

Following the installation, you now can create your own profile and get registered. It is your own choice whether you initially want to try Tourality without getting registered. This way, you can play the first game sets and challenges without greater efforts and see how it works. However, in order to be able to use more functions like designing your own game sets, saving gold-reserves or interact with other players, you have to get a user account on the Tourality website.

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3. Choose a Game Set

The Tourality app searches for existing game sets in your area so you can choose one. If no one has created a game set in your area yet, the app will automatically generate an adequate game set, depending on the type of challenge and game mode you chose. This way you can immediately get started wherever you are!

4. Choose a game mode and a challenge

You can choose between single player, multiplayer or team challenge. If you are out on your own, you can start a location-based game very spontaneously, wherever you are. For the multiplayer mode, best you meet friends or organize a real team event.

Just try the different game modes like RACE, TRAIL, CHASE, RUSH, or ACT.

5. Run, Forrest, run!

Once you got all this done, now it’s time to run: be faster than the others. Take a look at the screen of the Tourality app and look out for the first Game Spot. Keep an eye on the map while moving towards the spot. Once you enter the area chosen, your app shows you that you’ve reached the first spot. Now hurry up to the next one until you have completed all!