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Game Sets

The new version of Tourality automatically generates gaming fields, aka Game Sets, on the fly. You thus do not have to create your own Game Templates online before you are able to play outdoors, like you had to in the prior versions of the game. The App will now generate a Game Set with spots in your vicinities through an interface to OpenStreetMap automatically.

A Game Set comprises:

  • an amount of (geographical) Spots
  • a set of rules that define when and how to reach these Spots (the different game modes RACE, TRAIL, CHASE, RUSH, ACT!)
  • and a game type (singleplayer, player vs. player, team vs. team).

In order to start a game in your adjacencies you just have to select one of the available Game Sets. If there is no suitable Game Set available yet, you just ask the App to generate one for you. You can do this directly on the spot with your mobile phone. Then kick off if it’s a singleplayer game or wait for other players to join if it’s a multiplayer game. Just as well you can of course join a multiplayer game in your surroundings.

Tourality Location Based Game - Game Set

As a member of the Tourality community you can still create your own Game Sets and Spots and share it with your friends, of course.

Update: We are currently having some issues when saving Game Sets in browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari. Please use Mozilla Firefox for the best experience if you have problems creating Spots or Game Sets.