New Trend Sport: GPS Multiplayer Game (Freeware)

What exactly?

Tourality is a cross between a treasure hunt and a race, it is a high-tech outdoor game, played alone or with a group of friends. You can choose between the options 'Singleplayer' and 'Multiplayer' ('Player vs. Player' or 'Team vs. Team').

In multiplayer mode the position data is transmitted in real-time to the co-players' mobile phones. That way you can start an outdoor tournament against your friends at any time without additional equipment apart from the mobile phone with GPS or Bluetooth GPS.

For who?

Actually this new type of location-based game doesn't have restrictions. Who reaches the spots first has won. Just get outside with your friends or alone and give it a try! Tourality is fun in the city (urban game) as well is in the country.

This trendy game is ideal for mountainbikers as well in order to carry out exciting cross-country races. IMPORTANT: Always look at the track, only look at the mobile phone while you're standing!

And now?

Continue here at tourality.com:

  1. Register for free.
  2. Download the game as as Java™ application.
  3. Meet the community in the Forum.
  4. Why are you still sitting in front of the computer? Go out and 'move your mobile'!

You need more info? Then find out more about this multiplayer GPS game...

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