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and one more: what about a Hunt mode? Multiplayer only, at least two or three players within a specific area defined by at least 4 Spots and the radius from within that game area. One player is The Fugitive (Randomly chosen from all players of an area) who has to run free for a specific time or reach a certain spot within the game area only visible to him, while the others have to find him.

The Fugitive will only get an update on the hunters position every once and a while - or just how close the next hunter is to his position without any visual, while the hunters will see only the direction and distance, but not the actual position of the target . The teams can see all the other hunters positions all the time or they will get a regular update of their positions every x minutes to make it harder.

Think of Scotland Yard / Hunt for Mr. X. This would be also fun for large groups within large cities (London, Barcelona, Berlin) and would be perfect for ad hoc joining of players. A decent amount of POIs would be perfect in this mode for giving visual clues to the players.

This could be done with a lot of varied game modes that should be set from within the mobile application rather than from a template.

I would love to play something like this.


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If you haven't already, check out Sounds like what you described.

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We plan to add such a game mode in a future version of Tourality. Basically it should be
- easy and quick to start
- no preparation necessary
- not bound to any location
- fun!
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